Teni-x Starter Armature, Electrical Armatures, Automobile Armature and Dynamo Armatures are made from them best raw material available in the market. Due to its high engineering accuracy, it gives the appropriate starting torque to engine consuming minimum current.

Main Features of Teni-x Armature:

  • Shafts splines are rolled to achieve higher accuracy and better life.
  • Fresh sheet silicone stampings are used to produced maximum magnetic current.
  • Maintaining proper gauge & quality helps the capability of Armature to drain proper current from the battery.
  • Accurate under cut & moulded commutators make proper match with carbons.
  • High reliability in exploitation and long life operation without maintenance.
  • Teni-x Armature are hot stacked to give maximum life while over heating as per O.E.M.S.

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Technical Specificatio of Teni-X Starter Drive:

SHAFT Material- En8 (D) High carbon Hardness-52-55 HRC
Stampings Material-Crno Sheet (Silicone)
Wire Material: Electrical Copper (99-99% pure oxygen free)
Commutator Type-Moulded - Material- Electrical grade copper (drawn from fresh 99-9% pure copper wire)
Material Hardness Epoxy coated/Varnish coated
Hot stacking Copper to copper welding.

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